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From the Author... A Commentary
(5) The Meaning of the Images in the Text [page3]

VI. The Pink Dolphin
@It is the symbol here of communication, love, and sex. The sexual imaging is especially linked directly to creativity. If you are suffering because of the problems with your partner, please do have the image of dancing together with your partner under the orange light of the floating lighthouse. What the cause is, what can be done, are surely the things that would be found out.

VII. The Crab
@The crab is the symbol of anger, violence, and explosive energy here. By recognizing those qualities securely, the dolphin becomes freed from the spells of anger. Many people have the tendency to come to hold down one's own energy of anger, and to turn it to direct it at one's own self. Indigested anger causes various disorders and malfunctions. Also, it is not good to let out one's anger directly to the other person. For as a result of it, a distasteful energy of self-hatred and self-resentment will come to remain in one. Anger is recommended to be observed, or in best appropriateness, to be brought out upon cushions and pillows that happen to lie around.