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Chapter Two
The Dark Night at Sea [page1

kept on swimming intently.It was night again.The sea became rough, and a terrible storm was taking place. The rain beated against the waters in a driving manner.Amidst the huge undulating whirl, I was swooped to and fro like a leaf on a tree.I swam desperately for my life. The muscles in my body ached all over.My heart is working on a 120% basis. I give repeated kicks on a 120% power.Even though I go forward and progress with my desperate efforts, the next wave pushes me back even more.I kept on repeating and repeating this.
The compass I was wearing, hanging from my neck, illuminated vaguely in the dark for me, showing and pointing at the direction that I was to take.I could see the faint light in the distance.I swim frantically in desperation to that direction.The light is yellow, so faint it is, that it seems it will disappear any minute from now.Although the whirling waves push me back, I swim unto the direction of the light.I feel very relieved when I see the yellow light.I am sure there is something at that place, where the light is.Only that inspiration makes me swim to the light.I am pushed back by the big waves many, many times.I try and try to swim as much as I can.

Very slowly, but surely, the light begins to come closer.Little by little, the light becomes brighter, something very steady and certain.The lighthouse appears.
Lighthouses are rooted to the ground no matter how rough the sea may become, and steadily point at the direction to be taken.The yellow light was frail, but being at sea in the cold, dark night, the light looked indescribably dependable.

The sea was raging unchangingly.The winds howled and the driving rain continued to slap my face relentlessly.However, the light shined steadily and pointed to one direction constantly.I continue to swim desperately.The dark night at sea.The only thing to depend on is the yellow light.