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Chapter Four
The Mermaids of the Blue Cove

hat happened to the harp?"I asked.
"The harp is now remaining right here as you can see it, but the pearl ornament which is extremely vital to the harp is gone and lost amidst the bustling confusion. Without the pearl ornament, no sound comes out from the harp."
She showed me the old harp. I see, there was indeed a big round hole in the center frame handle of the harp.

"Now, you, just wait a minute. What is that you're hanging from your neck?"
"This is a compass I found inside a shipwreck."
"I'm not talking about the compass, I'm talking about that pearl the compass is buried in."
"What? You, you mean this?"
"Here, lend it to me for a little while."

The plump mermaid took the pearl around my neck and then adjusted it to set it on the harp. The pearl fitted perfectly upon the harp.She plucked a chord to play a single note. The harp revived in a beautiful tone. The mermaids who were gathered noisily hushed their chatting all of a sudden.

The plump mermaid began to play some wonderful music on the harp. The noise of clamor changed into stillness even before one noticed. The mermaids began to sing to the music. Their songs become harmony, spreading all throughout the sea cove.The rock began shining.The singing voices became louder and louder.After sometime, the rock had returned into the two legendary mermaids.The harp was playing a tune on its own now.The talkative chatting mermaids were truly joyful for the legendary mermaids to be back, and welcomed them as they sang and danced at the same time.Their song had become a great big vibration and echoed throughout the mountains.