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From the Author... A Commentary
(4) Images

The world of fantasy has various powers. It secretly contains unknown powers to you. The characters appearing in your world of fantasy are unmistakably expressing your own subpersonalities. What is interesting is that by allowing them to act freely in the fantasy world, they grow and begin to express their good nature and qualities. Or, they also grow by letting them do something with a purpose.

For example, by using an image of ascending upwards, its growth becomes accelerated and sophisticated more and more.
In the book text, the dolphin ascents upwards in the cave. And finally, he meets the goddess. It is needless to say the dolphin is expressing some kind of a subpersonality. Therefore, the subpersonality here grows together with the dolphin.

When one gets used to it, it is very easy to spot the subpersonality.
First of all, expand your own image in accordance with the flow of this book. Please find the animal or person who fits your own feelings at the time.
If you found one, work to expand that image further.
What does the clothes or the characteristics of the image look like? How would this image answer at that certain time and situation? How would it act and behave? Please observe carefully. And, please never reject them or put the brakes upon their wants and desires. Please do have the compassion and understanding for them to invite and welcome them in.

At times, confusion may occur. The confusion takes place when many subpersonalities appear at once and each starts to move accordingly on its own.
But, there is no need to worry. At those kind of times, please just pluck a chord on the harp of your heart. Probably, a wonderful harmony will begin to be played very soon.
There is no need to think analytically so much. The important thing is for you to know that all the subpersonalities are under your control. It is all up to you to give them life or give them death.

And if, after all, you become lost on what to do about a certain subpersonality, please consult the old man who the dolphin met at shore. The old man who appears is the representing figure of the so-called higher self, also called as the "old wise saint"or "the guide". Or, another suggestion is to create an image like an angel. More than thinking, I recommend you to experience the images.