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Chapter One
Just Suddenly Unable to Make the Rainbows
ook, I knew it. There's the shipwreck."
I see, indeed, an old wrecked ship lying at the sea-bottom.We approach and get closer to the shipwreck.At the side of the wrecked ship was a hole.The whale calls into the hole.
"Hey, hello, old man. Are you in there?"
"Who's calling me?"someone answered from the inside.
"It's me, it's me."

It was the sea hare coming out of the hole in a rustily squirming manner.
"Why, it's you, the Mr. Vagabond. What's the matter?"
"How terrible of you to call me Mr. Vagabond! The other day, I was just a little too drunk that I got in a fight with the Killer Whale guy over something really trivial, and came up with a scar wound at the side of my body. Would you just mind and repaint my body over a little bit?"
"What a helpless guy you are. Here, let me see it. Oh, my, your color is peeled off pretty badly. I have to charge you an extra for this one."

As he mumbled and grumbled to himself, the sea hare turned around to the side of the Whale's body and then started to blow a purple-colored liquid onto the body's surface. The liquid smelled. The surrounding water changed its color and was dyed into pure purple.I just could not stand it and swam into the wrecked ship's hole in order to run away from it all.

Inside the ship, the moonlight rays shone through inbetween the ruined woodplanks of the ship deck, creating a striped lighting pattern.I went further inside the cabin.On the table were layers of oysters sticking fully upon its surface.The chairs were overgrown luxuriantly with seaweed.
The floor was covered with white sand.Upon a glance, a box can be seen. It is an old wooden box that is half-buried in the sand. A treasure box.There is a metal handle attached to the box.I try to lift it by putting my nose inside between the handle and the box.Since it is underwater, the box is much lighter than I expected.
Hooking the treasure box upon my nose, I swam out of the ship.