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Chapter Three
The Seaweed Named "Forgiving" [page2]
kay. Yes, sir. But I have never seen that kind of seaweed before."
Hearing this, the seashells with alot of jagged bumps on their surface as well as the conch-shaped shellfish down at the seashore burst into giggles and laughter.
"I can't believe he doesn't even know such a delicious and nutritious seaweed," a seashell said.
"Well, it doesn't really stand out, you know," another replied.
"You have to search for it with your heart's eyes."
"It's growing everywhere around the world."

The old man also added,
"Young man, you already know that seaweed very well, you know. It is just that you have forgotten about it. You would be able to recognize it by just looking at it carefully. You shall not make any judgments upon it, though. All you have to do is just observe."
"I'm not confident at all, but I'll just try and go to look for it,"the youth said.

I dived into the deep waters of the sea. The morning rays of the sun shimmered brightly as their bundles of light curtained and shined through inside the sea. The seaweeds wavered beautifully amidst the light.
"Are you the seaweed called 'Forgiving'? " I asked.
"Yes, I'm surely apt to think so, for that name fits perfectly for my beauty, as you can tell."
"Can you please give me some of your leaves?"
"Oh, certainly. But don't be too rough with me, okay?"

I tore one leaf that shined in a green color as carefully as I could, then rushed to the beach shore at full speed. However, although the leaf was shining so beautifully underwater, it was hard to believe how dull it became as soon as it was taken out of the water.The old man was silent as he took the leaf from me at shore, and placed the leaf into the burning fire. The black smoke intensified and the black flames became bigger.
"This isn't it," the old man said.

The seashore shells laughed again.
"You'll be able to tell if only you can look with the eyes of the child you were."
"The seaweed stands out wonderfully to the people who are able to look and see, but once you lose love, your eyes are unable to see it anymore."
"Really, it's just growing right there nearby."