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From the Author... A Commentary
(2) Being In a Depressive State

The opposite, or the other side of'Depression'can be considered as'Expression'. In short, being in a depressive state means to be unable to express.

What cannot be expressed are the emotions of the person. Actually, people do have alot of emotions they are not able to express. Emotions that cannot be expressed are stored or saved up in the piggy bank of one's heart called the unconscious (or subconscious). The troublesome part is that the storing takes place automatically without one even being aware of it.

When a person in a depressive state draws a picture or a painting, writes something, and/or plays music, there are dramatic recoveries seen at times. This is the so-called "art therapy"at work, but there is no more to it than that the emotions held down were finally given the place to express themselves.

The above resembles the aforementioned issue of the subpersonality. We tend to have the habit of stepping in and staying inside a certain particular subpersonality automatically, that due to this, many other emotions are overlooked, pushed and shoved in to be hidden away. By taking the safe way called art, those subpersonalities which were pushed downwards and almost killed are finally enabled to have a chance to be in the limelight.

In brief, through expression, one can get out from one's depressive state. The issue is to find out what is the safe and effective way of expression which fits one. In other words, what kind of stage will be given to the subpersonality being pushed down is the key.