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Chapter Four
The Mermaids of the Blue Cove

began to swim from the shore cove where the Old Man was to the outer sea.I swam to the outer side of bay as I had the view of the lighthouse to my right.The sun already had risen high up above.The outer sea had completely changed from yesterday and had differed into a calm.Although the whirling undulation had remained a little, the breeze felt very comfortable as I continued to swim in a pleasant condition.

The compass I wore on my chest was pointing surely and definitely to the direction I was to take. I am able to feel the vibration much more certainly than yesterday. It came from the north.I probably swam about less than an hour, and had arrived at the cove on the northside of the island.

The Blue Cove was far from blue in its color, and was a sea cove of a muddy unfiltered brown.There was a small rock in the middle of the cove.Mermaids were sunbathing upon the rock.The mermaids were chatting very carefreely, each minding nothing but to speak up very individually.
"I think I ought to be the one to sit upon this rock since I am the most prettiest,"one mermaid said.
"But you know,...... This rock is mine because I found it first,"another said.
"Oh, what matters is age. It's mine because I'm the oldest."
The commotion of the bustling crowd was in an active spree, and it seemed no one was listening to what the other had said.

"Um, excuse me - ,"
I called upon them, but nobody became aware I was even there.How ravishing their chats were!Once again, I called to them in my loudest voice.
"Um, er, HELLO!"
I shouted.
Finally, one mermaid became aware of me.
"What is it?"she said.
As soon as she said that bluntly and curtly, she tried to join in the chat again.