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Chapter One
Just Suddenly Unable to Make the Rainbows
m, eh, choke, choke," I coughed. Without minding the state of my condition, the Purple Whale began talking to me.
"Hello, there, Little Boy, Good Evening. What are you doing just by yourself?"
"Ah, er, Good, Good Evening. Cough, cough," I answered.
"You, too. Let me ask, what are you doing here, at this kind of place?"
"Me? Taking a lone carefree journey. Traveling around the oceans of the world. And, Son, have you seen any shipwreck somewhere around here?"said the Whale.
"A shipwreck?"
"Yes, a shipwreck. She's an ancient ship. I think she was supposed to be from a country called Moo. When I came here before, too, it was troublesome because there was no sign out. I think it was certainly around this area, but?"
"This is my first time around this area, too, so......?"
"Oh, really, is that so? Then, I suppose I'll try and dive a little to search. By the way, Little Boy, your body is full of wounds like mine. Come with me. There's an interesting guy."
"Ye, yes, sir."
The Whale began to dive very slowly.
"Why are you looking for the shipwreck?" I asked.
"For the big clean-up of my body,"
the Whale answered.
"The clean-up of your body?"
"Well, you'll find out when you get there.
" Oh, well, I guess it's okay.

I will follow him anyway just to begin with.I can see the inside of the sea v-e-r-y well because of the bright moonlight.The fishes asleep. The prawn shrimps and fishes were surprised by us and were scurrying away in a hurry. The seaweed waving softly in the waters.The bubbles of air borne by each of the strokes of the whale's tail became afloat one by one, rising upwards as they reflected the moonlight.We continue to dive at a slow pace.