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History of Author

Creating the Rainbows of Happiness
The Adventures of the Dolphin Who Searches for the Treasure of His Heart
Written by Dr. Satoshi Abe, Ph.D.
Translated by Ayano Makiya

Dr. Satoshi Abe, Ph.D., Clinical Psychotherapist
Born 1957, in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan.
Graduated from the Tokyo Jikei Medical University. Presently a neurosurgeon, and also a practicing clinical psychotherapist.

@Active in his role to practice an easy-to-understand medical treatment for his patients, and to create a heartfelt medical town establishment.
Has mainly authored books "The Body SOS"(published by the Tsuchiya Shoten Publishing Co.), "The Time Machine of Healing"(published by the Izumi Shobo Publishing Co.), and others, and has been personally featured in many TV programs for his works.
@Especially noted and highly praised on his TV appearances for his heartfelt sincerity on the commentaries for his autonomic nervous system disorders and psychosomatic patients, currently received with a rapid increase in the number of people "highly desiring to be treated by this doctor."