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Chapter Five : The One-Eyed Goddess [page7]

hen I became conscious, it was morning already. My surrounding was not that of the brutal valley anymore, but had changed completely into a beautiful comfortable valley where pretty flowers bloomed in glory as the birds sang very peacefully. However, I could not see my warriors anywhere, anymore. And I was not able to see with my right eye any longer. I realized all that was happening by taking a look at my reflection on the waters of the brook. The lightning had struck upon my right eye in the form of an arrow. It was the first time in my life I felt pain so deeply.

I, who had lost my right eye, went out on a long, long journey after then. It is a very different one from the journey of the warriors. The world seen through only my left eye was a completely different world from the one I knew until then. By losing my right eye, and by getting to know what pain is, I was able to learn many things.

I remember the time when I reached the old city where the warriors and I had ruined before. The people who had survived had rebuilt and reborn the life of the town so strongheartedly by then. And the town was far more enlivened than the time we had attacked the city, and even the yet unnamed flowers growing by the road shined very brightly. The breeze swept by between the blooming flowers. The breeze seemed to be speaking gently about something to the flowers. As I looked at the flower, I mumbled softly.
'I thank you. Thank you for being alive. Thank you for showing me your beauty.'
I felt tears rolling down from my right eye which could not see anymore.The breeze embraced my body.

The next moment, I was embraced in a white mist. And without any awareness, I was guided to this cave. It has come to be that the indigo blue colored tears that pour out from my right eye turn into a spring which heals the wounds of hurt animals and the wounds of the body and the heart of people. Ever since then, I began to spend my days in thankfulness here, at this place. As days went by, many lives began to come to me for wanting to be healed and for comfort and peace. All I do is to thank each of the people. Why? Because they are the ones who heal me."

The story of the Goddess had ended.
I was recommended to drink a sip of the indigo blue tears. The tears were sweet and smelled very good. My bodily wounds were becoming healed. My heart was becoming healed. I could hear the vibrations ever so clearly now. Also, the path I was to take started to become clear.After I expressed my heartfelt gratitude and good-bye to the Goddess, I went outside the cave, and followed the vibration again.