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Chapter Three
The Seaweed Named "Forgiving" [page1]

t was morning.The storm had died down unbelievably.It was completely quiet like a mirror without a rising wave in the bay. It was the morning lull.Somebody is building and burning a fire down at the beach shore.I will try and go nearer to him.An old, aged man is building the fire.He wore a white robe and had a purely white beard growing, and had a somewhat nostalgic and a kind gentle feeling to him. A streak of black smoke rose up in the air from the fire.

"Good morning," I say to the aged man.
"Oh, hi, good morning, it's good of you to come. I was waiting for you. Assuming from those wounds of yours, it seems like you had a tough journey."
"Well, yes. Anyway, my senior Old Man, what are you burning now?"
"Ah, these. These are the tree branches of 'Too Much Expectation'. Nowadays, there are so many of them branches that are washed to shore these days, we just don't know what to do with these anymore. The Too-Much-Expectation trees grew too much across the sea, I heard, that their ungranted branches are now falling all over the land. It certainly ruins the beauty of our beach, I tell you, so I am burning them branches like this," the Old Man said, as he picked up another branch and threw it again in the burning flames.The fire grew stronger more and more, that a thick black smoke filled the air.
"The smoke gets in my eyes, I'm suffering."
"Of course, my boy. This kind of smoke comes out from having too much expectation, you know. Anxiety and anger are the true forms and appearances of this smoke. The more the disappointment or the unanswered expectation is big for the branch, the more darker and blacker their smoke become."
"Ugh, cough, cough. Please, just do something about the smoke for the time being."
"Then, go and get the seaweed called the 'Forgiving'. No black smoke would come out if we burn that seaweed and the branches together, so."