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Chapter Seven : Let Your Anger Grow [page5]

told her about what happened.
"What a mystery. You could see it and I could not. It was only that a strong wind blew our way. Then immediately, you began to swim so wildly rightafter, and......"
"Which means, I was taking my own anger and directing it to myself, avoiding to take a look at my real self. I just have a feeling it was an incident to teach me that."

"I see. Which leads me to think that maybe I, too, am overholding my emotions too much and hurting myself more than necessary, perhaps."
"I presume so."
"But it's hard, you know."
"I agree. So, isn't it about time it's okay for you to forgive yourself now?"
"Forgive myself?"
"Right. To put an end to hurt yourself further in order to hold down your sadness. Finish. The end!"
She looked at me in surprise.At that moment, the wind slipped through inbetween us again.
The wind said to us:"You are precious."

"Oh, yes, I see...... Hey, did you hear that?"I said.
"Yes, very clearly. But, am I really precious?"
The wind told us again."You are a precious person."
"Yes, you are. You are precious no matter how you are. And, I am precious no matter how I am."
"Even I who lost my child?"
"Ofcourse. It means that the precious you had unfortunately lost your child. Whether the issue of the loss of your child exists or not, and whatever the situation is, and whenever it may be, you and I are precious."
"So, it is okay to be me, however and whatever I am, whether I am angry or sad or afraid."
"The wind was always telling us that."

"Let's go."
As I said that, I hesitated.
"Ofcourse, only if it's okay with you,"I added.
She gave me a big smile and began to swim ahead.The vibration echoed vividly. We began to swim slowly and straightforwardly to its direction. We will never be played upon according to the whims and fancy of the anger and fear and sadness stored deeply at the bottom of our hearts.We go on to the direction of where the wind blew from, at a pace in which we are able to enjoy our surfacing emotions.