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Chapter Five : The One-Eyed Goddess [page6]

he lightning flashed again. This time, the figure of their family members waiting at their country hometown for their return appeared. It was their limit. They finally became aware of their stupidity. They had ruined many countries already. And now, they had become aware of their own foolish shallowness by realizing that they were about to face their own death at a land so faraway from their home country, leaving their family members they really loved behind. Regrets were just never enough.

They finally became aware that the deed they kept on thinking was courage was only merely a barbaric act for hiding their own fear. Big teardrops filled the eyes of the warriors. They were surrounded by their own fear, they could not move. They pleaded for my help with all their heart. However, although I had the power to defeat their enemies, I just did not have the power to save people who trembled in fear and were attacked by anxiety.I, too, was feeling my own helplessness deeply.


Among the deep shadow, a white form appeared to come nearby. It was the hare. The hare came out from the shadow. The lightning flashed again. Upon that moment, the hare turned into the white-bearded old man whom they met at the West Country.

The old man said to the warriors.
'I will give you just one chance. Go out on a journey for getting the seven dragon balls from the seven dragons living in the seven worlds. The journey will take several hundred years. And, during the whole quest, you will not be allowed to sleep or rest or die. When all the dragon balls are achieved, only then may all your souls rest in peace.'

The next moment, a lightning fell upon the warriors. As the warriors vanished at once, I felt an intensely violent pain attack my right eye. It seems a piece of the lightning fell upon my eye. I began to faint and had lost my consciousness.