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From the Author... A Commentary

I had written this book with the purpose of healing the various unfinished emotions that may lie deep within the reader's heart, perhaps without the reader's actual knowledge of being healed while you read the book, listen to the CD or by simply taking a look at the pictures. Which means that if you would take the opportunity to do so, and read this book over several times, it is the equivalent to attending my psychotherapy.

Even though one may just simply mention the word"psychotherapy"in order to summarize them, the specific methodology of psychotherapy extend to include over a few hundred ways of approaches. I hope the readers would kindly understand that this book is to be viewed as my compilation of essence, achieved through the experiences of the author based upon various psychotherapeutical approaches and some religious books, even going so far as to include yoga and spiritual ways.

Therefore, if possible, I recommend you to read and experience my previous book, "The Time Machine of Healing"(published by Izumi Shobo Publishers) in order to gain a deeper understanding. [ Sorry, not available in English translation yet. ]

In"The Time Machine of Healing", 'imaging'or a practice entering into the imaginary world of fantasy was asked to be worked on. The book"Creating the Rainbow of Happiness"was written with an aim for the readers to further enhance their experience and to meet the subpersonality within themselves. Therefore, each story represents an image, which actually serves as the original intention of this book, for the reader to encounter and meet the character who goes unmentioned in this book. Simply stating, my hope lies with each reader to utilize the stories in general in order to explore the world within yourself, or in other words, the world of your own fantasies and fairy tales as an individual.

Then why is it important for one to step into one's own inner world? Let us move into our main subject for discussion.