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Chapter Three
The Seaweed Named "Forgiving" [page5]
mother is scolding her child. It is because the child had played on some mischief. The mother wanted the child to be a good and quiet child, and stay that way. Regardless of her expectation, though, the child was naughty and mischievous. The child could not answer to her expectation. The mother is trembling in furious anger.

The smoke grew blacker and darker as it intensified more and more.
The old man put 'the Piece' of the 'Forgiving' leaf inside the flames.

The next scene appeared, of when the child became ill and had a high fever. The mother is attending to the child with a worried look on her face. The life of the child seemed to flicker like a candle in the wind. The mother stayed up all night and tried her best to nurse and tend to him.
"If only the child is healthy and well,"thinks the mother.
She remembered her child when he was lively and well and how he used to come up with some mischief, and tears began to fill her eyes. Soon morning came, and her child's fever had gone down. As she watched over her child's peaceful breathing, she mumbles softly.
"Thank you for being alive."

The anger had vanished. The mother holds and embraces her mischief-loving child.
"Whether you are mischievous or naughty, you will always be my precious child."
The smoke had turned to green, and a sweet aroma lingered thickly in the air. The smoke was soft, gentle and comfortable.The seaweed of "Forgiving"holds down the over-excessive expectations for us.

"Oh, I know what. It'll be good for you to go the Blue Cove. That's the sea cove at the northside of the island. I'm quite sure you'll be able to have another wonderful experience there, " the old man said.
"Yes. What? But, um, we've just started to know each other and......"
"Sometime in the future, you and I are planned to meet someday, however different the form of our meeting may be. It's good-bye until then. So go, take your leave now."
"Okay, I think I understand. Then, good-bye, until then."

After I said my parting good-bye to the old man, I began to swim into the direction of where the cove was at the north of the island.The soft gentle green-colored smoke became smaller and smaller in the distance.