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Chapter Seven : Let Your Anger Grow [page1]

y now, we could hear the vibration oh so clearly.We swam onto its direction. Time after time, we breathed in some fresh air from inbetween the waves. The air breathed at an excellent timing enlivens our cells.
The sky was blue, and the water was sparkling. Sometimes, the swoosh-swoosh sound of our breathing was the only thing that echoed all throughout our surroundings. The echo resounded in subtle synchronicity.

There was no loneliness at all like the ones I used to have before.
It was just swimming and swimming according to the vibration.

"Say, do you know where we are heading to?" she asks.
"I have no idea," I answer.
"Hey, I'm getting hungry now."
"Okay, wait awhile."
"How long is 'awhile'?"
"Awhile is awhile,"I answer, a little offended.
"That doesn't answer my question,"she replies back, a little offended, too.
"Well, look, there's no restaurant around here."
"Hmph, I shouldn't have come with you if I only knew it was going to be this way."
"Ha, I never asked you to come with me."
"Oh, really. I took the trouble to come with you because you looked SO lonely. And is that what you say to me, how dare you talk to me that way."
In an angry huff, she changed her direction abruptly, and began to swim in the opposite direction, where we came from.
I looked lonely? Right, when she's the one who's much lonelier than I am. What a selfish girl!
"Hey, where are you going?"
She swam further and further without even answering me.
I swam with all my might and blocked her way. I withstood my anger and had said:
"I'm sorry. I said too much. Please do something about your temper and brighten up, let's go together."
"Do you really mean it?"
"Yes, I really do."
"Then, I'll forgive you just this time. Here, let's go, before it gets too late. But I wonder which way we ought to go to."

The vibration had disappeared while we were arguing.
"Oh, dear, how troublesome, we can't hear it anymore. Oh, for us to be lost at such a place,"she mumbled.