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Chapter Eight : To the Truly Precious You [page1]

e continued to swim.
Without being noticed, a thick white mist had risen in the air. The sea was also bubbling its white foam. It was white all around.We are swimming amidst the pure whiteness.Our bodies are light, and we feel power filling our whole body.Little by little, we surface upwards unto the white world.Our bodies are light.

Ascending upwards to surface in the white world.Beyond the mist, there is a light seen.
The vibration is coming to us from the light.

We are surrounded by whiteness, we cannot even see our own body.The light gradually increases its brightness.And, we feel it clearly.That there is a company of our friends all around us. That we are not alone.Although they are not visible and cannot be seen by our eyes, we feel them clearly.We slowly rise to make our surfacing ascent, together with our company of friends.


Suddenly, we break out to the blue sky from the mist.The sparkling sun shines brightly upon us. Looking below, we see glimpses of the landscapes and sceneries on earth from inbetween the clouds.We were flying high in the sky.Our bodies have become transparent already. I cannot see her shape or figure. However, I am able to feel her being beside me. This sensation is much more clearer than just looking. I feel her existence as though she is a part of my body.


We had become winds. And, we were able to feel the existence of our many friends in the wind.We travel all around the world as the blowing wind.And, when we meet a person who is suffering, we call upon them and whisper softly:
"You are precious."
When we happen to meet a person who is sad, we become a breeze and embrace that person very gently and say:
"Please cheer up, for you are such an indispensable precious person."
The vibration we sought for was the call from the wind.Feel the whispers in the wind.
For the wind is telling you:"You are truly a precious one."