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Chapter Five : The One-Eyed Goddess [page2]

"I am the Goddess of Mercy.
Long long time ago, I used to be a Goddess of War. Once upon a time in a certain country, there was a group of warriors. Everytime they went to war, they gathered to offer a prayer to me. Because of my power, the battles they fought had always ended in victory, and so their territory had expanded and became widely spread.

Their territory had expanded to the extent of conquering and ruling almost all the world: including the North, where the country of the Ice Queen lay, who was able to freeze everything that came her way into ice with a single breath; the South, where the Prince of Fire who burned everything to ashes used to rule the country; the East, in which the country had the role of pulling the sun out from the sea to haul it up into the sky; and the West, which the country played the role of pulling down the curtains to veil the night.

And then it had happened, at the time the warriors had just begun to make their attack to conquer their last enemy, the Country of the Night Veil Curtain. The outcome of the battle itself was reached easily this time, too, but at the moment the warriors were about to hail their banner in the air and sing songs of triumph in order to make their homecoming march of conquest, an old aged man appeared from the inner walls of the castle. He had a long white beard and was dressed in a wrap of purely white garment. The old man said to the warriors, 'You all are making a big mistake to even think that you have conquered all the world. Don't you even know that there beyond the sea lies the most strongest and powerful country in the whole world?'he said, as he laughed aloud at the warriors.

The warriors became angry and mad. They really extremely hated the idea of other people pointing out their own mistakes. An angry warrior in fury quickly stepped out to cut at the old man with his sword. Slash! Red blood was supposed to gush out and splatter all around the place. However, there only lay a still white cloth tattered and bladed apart in the old man's place. The warrior took his sword and hooked the cloth with his swordtip to turn it over. To the warriors' surprise, the dead body of the old man was not there.

The only thing that remained in the old man's place was a tiny dandelion wearing a fluffy white cotton hat blooming in the ground. Having witnessed an unbelievable scene happening right before their very eyes, the warriors became aware of their own hearts being rocked and agitated. Therefore, they drank very heavily than usual and had a wild noisy feast that night in order to kill their own feelings of agitation and being shaken. The alcohol bracingly mustered up their feelings for battle again. Next morning, the Captain leader of the warriors charted the sea route of their ships onto the direction of the last country.