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Chapter Seven : Let Your Anger Grow [page2]

felt my anger rising. What is she saying so matter-of-factly? It's your fault we got lost, I felt like saying. I held my feelings down and tried to restrain them. She continued, totally oblivious to my feelings.
"I'm tired now. I don't want to swim anymore. I'm starving, too."
Right at that moment, a clod of black mass swiftly approached upon us from the frontside. Oh, no, it will bump into us. Upon that minute, the black solid divided into two before our very eyes and swam all around us in a surrounding circle.

It was a big group of sardines.The group swam around and around us. As the sardines skimmed through before my nose, they sneered at us for being lost.
"Look! How foolish for them to be lost at such a place."
"He's with a girlfriend and how uncool he can get! It looks bad."
"Just watch, a fight will break out between them pretty soon. See, her face surely looks sulky and annoyed."
"Really, what a silly blockheaded date."
My pride was hurt. Am I to be also ridiculed by such teeny-weeny fishes, too?
My tolerance had reached its limit. I made a reckless headlong dive into the troop of sardines. The sardines were surprised and swam away for escape. One after another, I tore apart and bitingly chewed into the escaping sardines. The wild nature inside me had awoken. The sea became bloody around me. It happened in an instant. But for me, it felt like a very long time.
The group of sardines scattered in all directions for their escape as they left, while the sea turned into a quiet afternoon again.Even after the roaring incident had settled down, the muscles of my whole body still were stiffened and paralyzed by anger. A stiffened, paralyzed muscle begins to shake tremblingly in fury, or in other words, has convulsions. The more I tried to hold it down, the more the shaking convulsions became stronger. The shaking convulsion itself calls back the anger again. The shaking trembles of my muscles caused a small whirlpool in the surrounding sea. Blackish dark red blood gathered all around me pulled in by the whirlpool.