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Chapter Five : The One-Eyed Goddess [page3]

he voyage at sea took seven nights and seven days before they were able to arrive at the last country. On the first day of their sea voyage, all of the seven ships were blessed with a fair wind, and nothing had happened. On the second day, the ships had to sail across the waters where a lurking dragon lived. One ship had fallen sunk to the dragon's sacrifice. On the third day, a storm broke out at sea. One ship sank. On the fourth day, the sea was full of ice. One ship became unable to move anymore, trapped among the icebergs.

On the fifth day, the sea was full of lava flowing from the underground submarine volcano. One ship had been burnt down. The sixth day was a dead calm. There were no winds blowing at all that one ship was captured in the stagnating dregs of the tide and had to be left behind. On the seventh day was the fog of the sea. One ship lost its sense of direction in the fogginess; she drifted astray.As a result, only one ship was able to reach the country.
Finally, the warriors marched in for their attack upon the last country. The country was small, but a truly beautiful one. The flowers bloomed in all their glory, and the trees were fresh in green whileas the river flowing through the middle of the country took pride in its enriched amount of plentiful water, as the crops were heavy with their abundant harvest. The people of the country were fulfilled in their happiness as their eyes twinkled in rainbow colors. They all did not know what fighting meant. Obviously, there were no weapons.
I, as the Goddess of War, lend my power to the battling warriors as usual. Without exception, the day had also ended in plain victory. The people with the rainbow-colored eyes were easily conquered, for not even a slight sign of resistance was seen from them.