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Chapter Six : The Dancing Ball of the Sea Company [page3]

he orchestra began from a quiet music. A beautiful harmony was played. The tune shifted gradually to a light, cheerful rhythm.
"Let's dance,"invites the pink girl dolphin.
As I hesitate, I decide to dance.She was such a lovely wonderful dancer. Her dance was full of elegance and pride, and even I, who was just a beginner, could feel her heat of passion concealed under.

I was not used to dancing, so after I danced to some tunes, I was out of breath.
"May I rest for awhile?"
We moved away to a place a little distant from the dance circle. The orchestra began to play some quiet music. The breeze at night felt good to my heated body.

"Oh, what a lovely night. I just hope this kind of time would continue forever. I just love it the most when I'm dancing."
"You really look like you're truly having fun when you're dancing."
"When I'm dancing, I'm able to forget about the hard times I'm going through and about all the things I hate. I can just be my true self only when I'm dancing."
There were big teardrops in her eyes suddenly.I was surprised.
"What's the matter? Why are you crying?"
"No, it's nothing. Please, just don't say anything and just dance with me tonight, okay?"

We joined back into the dance circle again. Her dance was much more intense than it was before, and she went wild dancing as though she was trying to get rid of an evil spirit. She repeated her jumps many times. Her dance also looked as though she was praying, too.I wanted to find out the reason why she was crying earlier. And, I also wanted to soften and lighten her sadness.Somehow, it seemed as though I was about to fall in love with her.Maybe I'll try to come up with the courage, and try to confess my feelings for her. But what am I going to do if she puts me down? I don't want to be hurt, so maybe I'll just be quiet about it and just stay with her this way, perhaps......

"See, you have a strange look on your face again. You're thinking about something, aren't you? Things will only turn out to be as they will be. Here, try a happier look on your face."
It's a bad habit of mine. I am always, just always, too careful. I think too much, I am unable to do anything. I have to be smiling more.
"Yes, that's it. That smile of yours. It's a wonderful smile, you know."
The Ball had reached its peak around 12 midnight.