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Chapter Six : The Dancing Ball of the Sea Company [page5]

earing the Whale's voice, the orchestra began creating some lovely sounds again.The dancers praised and complimented on how courageous the Purple Whale and I were.The dance circle began to thrive again. The Purple Whale, regardless of his huge body, began to dance in small tiny steps.
"Aren't you hurt? Are you okay?"she said to me with a worried look on her face, as I had been watching the dance circle.

"Oh, I'm all right. I just hit myself only a little bit, so." I pretended to sound strong before her, and started to dance again.

The Ball had ended as sunrise approached.Everyone who attended it said their good-byes to each other and then swam away.The only ones who remained were she and I.
Time for just the two of us goes by. The orange light of the floating lighthouse glows softly in the atmosphere. I am looking at her face from the side.She was about to say something.I kissed her gently on her cheek as though to interrupt what she was about to say.

"Please, not yet, not now......"
As she said that, she moved away a little from me.
"I'm sorry, I just don't have any right to be in love......"
A large teardrop rolled down her cheek.She began to murmur trickles of the story of her life. In the past, she had lost her child due of her carelessness. She had been suffering because of her lost child and what had happened, ever so long since then. Her sense of deep guilt had closed down her heart. The only time she was able to forget about it was when she was dancing.

"Can't I be of any help to you in any way?"I asked.
"Thank you. You have already done enough for me."
"But I......"
"It's okay, you were here for me. That's enough for me."
That's not true. I just......