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Chapter Six : The Dancing Ball of the Sea Company [page1]

wonder how much time had passed after I came out of the Goddess' cave. Since then, my body is light and full of energy.The vibration is felt powerfully. So, I am clear about the direction I am to take.
I continue to swim pleasantly in a good condition. The sky is a clear blue, and the seagulls are flying around and around high up in the air, looking for a school of fish.

Suddenly, I felt the presence of a friend's company nearby. I try to call upon them with my supersonic soundwave. The answer was barely heard. I slowed down the speed of my swimming a little. I tried to call again. This time, the answer came back very clearly! I changed my swimming direction to where the voice was coming from.
After swimming for a while, the owner of the voice suddenly came to swim by my side. She was a pink-colored female dolphin. She also seemed to continue her journey alone.

"Hi, there. Are you traveling alone?"
"Yes, but I'm not lonely as you are."
Right, what does she know, when we've just met!
"Are you claiming that I'm lonely? How can you tell?"
"Don't you have a mirror? If anyone takes a look at your frowning face, anyone would be able to tell. Can you remember at all the last time you laughed or smiled?"
Reminds me, when was the last time I actually laughed or smiled, really?
"See, here, you're thinking hard again. Are you a philosopher? Or a school teacher?"
She chuckled gaily and began to swim again.
"He, hey, wait a minute."
"No way, I'm in a hurry, you know. If you want to talk, I'll listen while I swim. If you want to talk, come and follow me."
She swims in such a manner it's hard to believe she's a woman.

"Um, tell me, where are you going?"
"I'm going to the Ball. They have a Ball every weekend at the floating lighthouse, at the deep waters'."
"A floating lighthouse?"
"I heard the human beings left it afloat at sea in order to find the direction of where the land is, but it makes a very good dance hall because it shines with light every night. By the way, can you dance?"
"Um, oh, dance? Um, yes, of, ofcourse!"
"Hmm, you sound so hopeless sometimes, really. Tell me, did you ever have any kind of fun in your life until now? Oh, well, I guess it's okay. Let's just go anyway."