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From the Author... A Commentary
(3) The Merits and Demerits of the Subpersonality

Hereupon, what needs to be clarified now and again is that fact that there is no such thing as a good person or a bad person in subpersonalities. No matter how negative the viewed image of the subpersonality may be, the subpersonality is a part of the person whatever the situation may be, and as everything has a positive side to it, so does the subpersonality itself, and it merely means that the comprehending way of one is just simply negative.

The situation where the subpersonalities become harmful is when they dominate and control us, or in other words, when a person can project oneself upon a single particular subpersonality only. If a person continues to take only one kind of attitude or behavior the whole time, he or she will become very narrow-minded that trouble will undoubtedly occur one after another for him or her.

What is interesting is that if by any chance a perfect god-like subpersonality exists and if the person completely identifies only with it, the mere overlap itself will turn the person's behavioristic attitude into a compulsive and a narrow-minded one. This can be seen in people who project themselves upon subpersonalities such as upon bishops and higher priests.

"True enlightenment"or "true satori"gives freedom to all the subpersonalities or in other words to the development of self-images, and enables control to the person. Therefore, even if a person has achieved enlightenment, it does not necessarily mean he or she is under control all the time, for tempers could be lost. It is only merely a matter of seeing to it they are well taken care of so they do not get out of hand.

Another important matter is that they, the subpersonalities, are existences that grow. Sarcasm can grow into humor, anger into passion, fear into carefulness, and stubbornness into a strong will.

In short, it only means that the subpersonality with a negative-minus image did not have the opportunity to grow simply due to its lack of attention. Additionally, the subpersonality which is not paid attention to anymore regresses easily.