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Chapter Seven : Let Your Anger Grow [page4]

he crab continues:
"It's not only anger. You've been ignoring sadness, fear, anxiety and even joy, too. You were afraid to look at the real you. Since you had held your anger down, you were irritated, and then had isolated yourself from others. Because you held down your fear, you became attacking and aggressive, and became easily hurt inside. And because you held down your sadness, you were unable to recognize love anymore.

Let go and free your emotions. Let your anger grow. Let your sadness grow. Let your fear grow. Freedom grows them up, and matures them all. Anger changes into your power of life, sadness into love, and fear into the propelling power of living out one's life. Let go and free those energy not even given the chance to express itself. If you do that, the various emotions will be a wonderful partner for you."

I stopped struggling at the center of the whirlpool. I decided to let go and surrender my body to the flow of whirl.
I asked the crab, "If I accepted and recognized you, will you promise me that you will not hurt me?"
The crab answered:
"All you have to understand is that I am just existing at your back. Don't make any judgments upon me, and just observe me. Although anger is a part of you then, at that time, it is not all of you, the whole of you. When you are sad, it is a part of you, and not all of you."
The crab weakened to release its clawing clutch upon me. The pain softened. The whirlpool was gone.

With a worried look on her face, she came closer to me.
"Are you okay?"
"Umm, yes, somehow all right."
"What happened? You were going wild by yourself all of a sudden."
"What? Didn't you see that group of sardines?"
"What sardines? No sardines came our way. You suddenly began to jump many times repeatedly, that I thought you had a stomach ache or something."
"Then what about the crab on my back?"
"There's no crab on your back. Oh, wait a minute. There is something on your back."
There were remains of small red-dotted spots on my back.