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Chapter One
Just Suddenly Unable to Make the Rainbows
hen suddenly, the attack took place. I was unable to make any good rainbows anymore. Nothing had changed, including the weather and my lifestyle. It was just that I was unable to make any rainbows skillfully anymore. I was even unable to weave any rainbow, much lest even color nor dye them.
I thought perhaps it was because of my tools and tried to renew them all. It did not work.
The growth and development of the rainbow trees were extremely bad. I had changed my songs, but their growth stayed bad.I had also tried and changed their water. The trees did not grow as well.I had also tried and changed my stories for them. The flowers showed no trace for even a single bloom.I perhaps thought that there was something wrong with my body, and went to check with the doctor's. There was nothing wrong with my body, and no abnormalities were found.
I thought perhaps that someone had bewitched me and went to see the magician witch. She let me know that there was no spell cast on me.

I just could not make the rainbow. No matter how much I tried to make one with the barely remaining leftover materials, the colors did not come out at all, or, as soon as it started to take on some form, the arch collapsed to pieces.

The whole town seemed to be enveloped in heavy air. The cold eyes of the people bothered me.I was suffering alone. Why is it, I was unable to make the rainbows anymore!No longer did I have anything left with me anymore. Honor, fame and glory had disappeared long before.What remained in their place were only bad rumors and despicable backbiting against me.

"That guy became too puffed up with what he was doing."
"He forgot the real meaning of what the colors of the rainbow meant."
"He took advantage of the colors and mistreated them. And all he thought about was to simply make money out of them. He deserves it," they said.

I was tired out. I was at the verge of despair. I was not even aware of the gentle breeze that blew my way.
I dragged my heavy body and hauled myself to sea.
The seashore was a sandy beach where I visited for the first time, but had a nostalgic feeling to it somehow. The moonlight shone upon its surrounding and the waves reflected its brightness. The moonlight reflections glittered sparklingly, and the scene was very beautiful.