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Chapter Five
The One-Eyed Goddess

he indigo-colored light was sent forth from the bottom of the sea.Going nearer to its source, an entrance to a cave was found. The indigo blue light came forth from its depth.I decided to go inside the cave.The cave was very narrow, so my whole body filled almost all the space slipping and swimming through its tunnels.The cave glowed fully in the indigo light.The more I went forward, the more deeper and narrower the cave had become.

I made my descent slowly and carefully.In an instant, the cave suddenly rose to a swift turn only going upwards.I swam upward according to the cave.The narrow path suddenly opened to a clearing. A large big space spread about.I tried to peek through the waters and stuck my face out.The ceiling of the place was very high in a dome-like shape.The space was full of bright light.The light was coming even further back from the dome.

I saw a person's silhouette cast from within the dazzling light.As I approached closer, the silhouette was that of a goddess.The goddess wore a purely white garment, and was protected by the dazzling light that resembled a halo nimbus of sacred glory.

I was suddenly shooked conscious when I looked at the face of the goddess.There was an arrow shot into her right eye.Tears of indigo blue poured down her right eye.The tears flowed down to the footings of the goddess and had turned into a fountain spring, as the overflowing waters of the spring poured trickling down into the cave. Due to her tears, the waters of the cave had turned into a dark indigo blue, letting out the indigo blue light to shine through even outside the cave. Thus, here was the answer as to why the Blue Cove was blue.
The Goddess was smiling down upon me.
"You have finally arrived. I had been waiting for you for a long time."
Waiting for me? I was so surprised I just had to ask.
"Who are you, may I ask? And what about the arrow in your right eye?......"
The Goddess had gently interrupted my stream of questions and began speaking.