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From the Author... A Commentary
(5) The Meaning of the Images in the Text [page2]

III. The Old Man
 The old man is an existence called the Old Wise Saint, and as mentioned earlier, named also as the Higher Self or the Guide. Please consult and pray about your worries, your troubles and problems that bother you in a pure wholehearted manner to him. I am sure he will give you the answer.
 However, the answer you will receive may be given in a certain symbol and not necessarily in words. Given at that time, observe the answer closely and carefully. Meditate on it. If you would wait, the answer would surely come out.
 Or, ask the old man to take you to a wonderful trip somewhere. After the wonderful experience, you are most probably likely to become aware of your body filled with new energy.

IV. The Mermaids
 You have a harp in your hands. The harp is a magic harp. When you play the harp, the subpersonalities within you would most likely to stop opposing each other and would begin to sound a wonderful tune in harmony.
The harmony will gradually spread, and perhaps the subpersonalities who still have not appeared yet hiding in among the shadows of the rocks may come out to dance with the music.

V. The Goddess
 To touch the tears of the goddess means to be healed directly. In your image, please pour the indigo blue tears upon the parts which have fallen ill and/or the parts which are wounded and hurt. The healing will begin. This can be considered as what is called the image therapy.