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Chapter Six
The Dancing Ball of the Sea Company

he sun was rising from the East sea. The soft morning wind slipped through between us. I could hear a vibration very clearly. The vibration spoke to us.

"It is okay to just be there for one. To just want one to, and to just be there. Just be."
"Share your pain. If you do, the pain will turn into half."

We looked at each other in surprise.
"Did you hear that?"I asked.
"Yes, I did. But who is it?"she answered.
"I have no idea. It's the first time for me, too, to hear a vibration so clearly."
The wind passed by again.

"It is okay to just be. You don't have to do anything. Just be. Pain can be shared if you two stay together."

The vibration we were seeking for was actually the whispering of the wind.
It resounded heart healingly.

We began to swim onto the direction to where the wind had gone to pass us by. At a distance we could feel each other's warmth, we began to swim slowly.