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Chapter One
Just Suddenly Unable to Make the Rainbows
he veil of the night embraced my body. The cool night air felt comfortable.The waves came to and fro again and again very quietly.
I became aware I was breathing very slowly. How many years has it been since I actually became aware I was breathing? By and by, I remember, when I was small, I used to fill a washbasin with water and compete with my friends, who could hold their breath the longest? I reminisce, time had drifted past very slowly then.I pause to whiff a breath.

Slowly, I adjusted the rhythm of my breath to the rhythm of the waves.The waves were quietly coming to and fro again and again. The flow of time became slower and slower.The moonlight had well surfed on top of the waves, and was enjoying surfriding between the waves.

A dolphin had jumped in the air from inbetween the shining waves. The dolphin repeated his jump several times.A noctiluca night bug shone. Everytime the dolphin jumped, the noctiluca night bug had emitted his pale luminous light. The dolphin looked as though he wanted to return the pale luminosity to the night sky as a gift in return for the bright moonlight.

All of a sudden, I remembered when I was a dolphin, myself, long time ago.