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Chapter Six : The Dancing Ball of the Sea Company [page2]

e continued to swim. After a while, the floating lighthouse came to view. A low tower with an orange-colored light bulb and a small bell attached to it was built on top of the floating buoy. The sea birds had gathered together at the tower already. A company of many sea friends had gathered around the floating lighthouse.

The sun declined to the West, and had dyed its surroundings to an orange color gradually. When the sun dipped to the horizon and had hidden below completely under, the orange-colored light of the floating lighthouse began to shine softly in its place. Rocked by the waves, the bell sounded its echoing chimes all around the sea setting.

The penguin, who was the Conductor wearing a tailcoat on his behalf, hopped onto the floating lighthouse and said in a loud voice.
"Ladies and gentlemen, who have come here to kindly gather together tonight, we are happy to announce the opening of the Ball, beginning now. I hope you will find the Ball enjoyable to your heart's delight. First of all, may I have the pleasure to introduce you to our playing members tonight."

The orchestra was complete and perfectly arranged. The violin was played by the sea otter, the contrabass played by the walrus, the piano by the prawn, the trumpet the fur seal, the tuba the Steller's sea lion, the flute the piping snapper fish, the clarinet the pelican, the timpani the octopus, the castanets the scallops, and last, but not the least, the renowned tenor by the prized seal trio from the'Sea Brothers & Sisters Symphony Orchestra'.

The lamp of the anglerfish lighted the music stand. The penguin deliberately picked up and took the baton, and delicately swayed it down.