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Chapter One
Just Suddenly Unable to Make the Rainbows
was alone and swimming amidst the big blue ocean then. I had no company of friends with me.It was at night in the sea. The moonlight shone through and around the waters.I did not know where I was. I did not even know where I was going.I had wounds all over my body. The color of my skin was dark and pale, and had lost its brightness when I used to be lively. I had wounds and bruises here and there upon my unclean, dirty body. My body was cold already.
I am swimming aimlessly and straightforwardly. Big rolls of undulating waves simply push me back to where I was, no matter how hard I try to go forward. All I could do is to keep on trying to swim wholeheartedly. My power to kick forward becomes a little stuck time after time and does not feel at its best. But I try and try hard to swim.I, as a dolphin, have a wonderful power. I can talk with my friends that are faraway through the supersonic waves.

"Is anybody there?"I asked, but there was no answer.
Oh, no, when I have not seen and met with anybody for so long. Please, I hope, my call reaches someone.I stop swimming, and float adrift between the waves as I try and keep my ears open.A slight vibration is sensed. It is only a weak vibration felt.I raise the recepting sensitivity of my directional site detector to its full level.The vibration points at the slightly right direction of my nose. Who can it be......?I began swimming again towards its direction.

I swim at an immensely fast speed. During the intervals of my jumps from in-between the waves, I breathe in some fresh air. Fresh air that is breathed with excellent timing enlivens my tired cells.The journey continues. The ocean shines as she reflects the moonlight. Only the sound of my breath going swoosh-swoosh every now and then echo throughout the surrounding.I just continue to swim and swim, relying solely on the weak faint vibration.Then suddenly, as though breaking the silence of my surrounding, the buoyant splashing sound of a"huff-puff-boom"reverberated all around.The sound came closer and closer, making its approach directly to my direction. The sound was not the same one as the vibration.

Regularly, the sound of the"huff-puff-boom, huff-puff-boom"came nearer and nearer.The sound was now very near, encroaching upon me.At that very moment, a huge purple lump lunged out of the sea, breaking the water in big splashes, and then appeared afloat right by my side.
It was the whale.I had drunken and gulped plenty of seawater.