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From the Author... A Commentary
(6) The Meaning of the Colors of the Rainbow [page1]

In yoga, there is a concept called the "chakra". Chakras are explained by the mystical workings of energy centers existing at the seven points of the human body. Originally, chakra means a"circular ring of energy"in the Hindu language. There is no way to prove the truth of whether they exist or not, but as for myself, I find that there are many occurrences which I feel more convinced of in life, if I think in those terms.

To begin with, when one mentions concepts such as"imaging"or "self-hypnosis", they sound very scientific, but actually, in strict scientific terms and methodology, nothing of their actual form and state of being have been proven yet. Furthermore, the more one studies methods and approaches utilized in psychotherapy such as autogenic training, behavioral therapy, and meditation, the more one becomes aware of common tangent points frequent in eastern philosophy such as in ways of yoga, qi-gong, tai-chi, zen buddhism, and mikkyo esoteric buddhism sect teachings. On no account can they be categorized and put away, as something only superstitious and unscientific, for something more seems to exist in them. (Ofcourse, nothing can be omnipotent, but...)

The relationship between chakras and colors are intimate. Adding to psychotherapy, this book has also added an eastern approach of colors to it.

I. The First Chakra
The first chakra is the base chakra, or called the root chakra. It is located at around the so-called "kaiin"area in Chinese medicine. It is the chakra for understanding things at a physical bodily level and for grounding one's feet upon the ground. It is said to be related to the rooting source of energy for living, in short, to fighting or fleeing, anger or fear. It is assumed to respond in coping with the adrenal glands, the kidneys, and the vertebral spinal column. Its associated color is red.

II. The Second Chakra
The second chakra is said to be the sexual chakra or the creative chakra. It copes with the sexual reproductive organs, and is said to be involved in the contact between people, sex, reproduction, and in turn to creativity. The color is orange.