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Chapter Six : The Dancing Ball of the Sea Company [page4]

ight at that moment, a big black solid thing came bumping in between the two of us.
"Hey pretty baby, come and dance with me."
It was the Killer Whale, too drunk from the rum.
"No, thank you. I am having a conversation with this man right now. Please look for someone else."

"Hmph, ha, what a snub. Hold your tongue and come my way, I'm telling you."
"What do you think you're doing? Stop it."
The next moment, before I knew it, I was hurling my body headfirst against the Killer Whale to crush him. The Killer Whale was big, many times my size, so my blow did not affect him at all.

The Killer Whale was angry, and he came charging fiercely at me. Thump. With a blunt sound, he threw me high up in the air. When I fell into the hard water surface, I had landed and hit my back viciously.
"Ouch, ooh."
The Killer Whale's attack continued. I had bruises all over me.The Killer Whale, with his big body, continues even more to attack me persistently.Oh, no, I'm finished. I was beginning to lose my consciousness. At that very moment,"Huff-puff, huff-puff,"a familiar sound seemed to be heard.


"Bang-boom!,"a loud sound echoed throughout as the Killer Whale's whole body blow was stopped and taken in my place for me instead by the Purple Whale.
"Hey, I say, it's you again, drunk and picking a fight, are you. You're going to fight me this time,"the Purple Whale said.


The Purple Whale kicked into the Killer Whale's body with his tail.
"You'll be sorry someday!,"the Killer Whale shot a menacing parting remark and sped away.
"Okay, everyone, it's all right now. Here, the music please!"the Purple Whale said.