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Chapter Two
The Dark Night at Sea [page2]

large rolling wave crashes upon the lighthouse. The splashes of the broken wave reflect the yellow light.The lighthouse towered firmly as it continued to send its yellow brightness.Nobody could ruin this powerful light.The lighthouse finally towered over me with its largeness and its dignity, before my very eyes.I could not go near the shore because of the intense waves.

At that moment, a big wave lifted up my body.My body was hauled out of the waves and tossed high up in the air.

The next moment I knew, I was in the shore cove of a quiet island.Here, the outer world seemed totally unbelievable.The calm surface of the waters. A quiet cove.It relieves me deeply. My fatigue takes over me at once. All my tension is released and freed.

The brightness of the lighthouse also shined upon the cove. Its light reflected powerfully to the outer seas while softly to the inside of the cove.

I am embraced by the warm yellow light, and protected, and then fall asleep.I sleep as though I am healing all of my tiredness.I tumble and fall into a deep, deep world of sleep.