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Chapter One
Just Suddenly Unable to Make the Rainbows
he work of the sea hare is now still continuing.It is about time that I want to breathe some fresh air. I am beginning to suffocate.
"I'll be up and gone now before you."
"Oh, really. Take care, Little Boy. Let's meet somewhere someday again."
After I had said my good-bye to the Whale, I go up towards the surface at a very fast speed. The scenes I saw earlier pass by, sinking lower and lower to the ground.I am able to see the wavering moon now. I am at the sea surface.
I take a big long deep breath.Clear, refreshing air fills my lungs.When I become aware, it is already morning. The morning sun shines upon me.The sunrise awakens each of the cells sleeping in my body.When I became aware, I was at the shoreline. I placed the treasure box upon the sand.I tried and opened the treasure box in the morning sun.

A pearl necklace is inside. The big pearl is half clear, half transparent and a compass is buried inside the pearl. I tried it on and wore it around my neck.

The needle of the compass began moving. After spinning in several turns, it stopped as it pointed to the west.From the west, I started hearing the vibrations again. I began to swim slowly and straightforwardly unto that direction again.

To the Readers: Now, did you have any image that came to your mind the moment you opened the treasure box? If any image surfaced for you, that is your treasure. Maybe it is something small. If nothing came to mind, please read the part over again. If you would repeat it, I am certain something will surely come out for you. When you find the treasure, please try and enjoy its touch and feel by taking the treasure into your hands.