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Chapter Five : The One-Eyed Goddess [page4]

he warriors had found what the white-bearded old man had said about the most strongest and powerful country in the world hard to believe. The country, without any weapon, was overthrown all too quickly, without anyone putting up a fight. Now, the warriors had finally conquered the whole world. The joyful warriors decided to look for a sacrifice for me, as a sign of showing me their thankfulness. Right at that moment, a poor hare rabbit had happened to cross their way before their very eyes.

They decided to make the hare their gift to me.
However, though, the hare was very quick in its movement and just could not be caught. As it hopped swiftly, dodging its party of pursuers nimbly, the hare would run away. The warriors were becoming tired. As soon as the warriors stopped chasing after the hare, the hare would stop and provoke them to chase it again. Being tempted, the warriors chased after the hare again.
When they had noticed, the warriors had arrived at a very lonely valley. The only thing there were just a few dried up barks of withered rotting trees. Rough, coarse rocks were lying around. No sign of life existed here.

Both sides of the valley were high cliffs steeply cut, and the only way out of the valley was where they came in from, far on the other side. If any enemy made an attempt to attack them here and now, there would be no place to hide nor run away.
The warriors became anxious. By the time they knew it, a thick black cloud had encroached upon the valley to cover it. The wind had become stronger and stronger gradually. The rain had begun to pour sideways, drumming upon them. At the moment when they all glanced into each other's faces quizzically, an overwhelming earth-rumbling roaring sound was echoing thuddingly from the ground. The warriors took an alert stance with their weapons for battle. The thudding sound came closer and closer. Boom-rumble-groan, boom-rumble-groan, the thudding sound vibrated nearer and nearer like the earth-shaking footsteps of a giant. No figure can be seen. Only something like a black shadow was visible.