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Chapter Nine : The Finding of the Treasure of the Heart [page1]

s it all a dream? If it was, I think it is such a long one I had!I, who could not make rainbows, was at the seashore. I was sitting and watching the waves come to and fro upon shore.The sky was turning into a whitish gray nearing to its daybreak.I stretched my body fully, and took a deep breath.I began walking in slow and steady steps on the hillside road to the cape.Little nameless flowers bloomed by the road path.

Their leaves were wet by the dew at night, and the morning sun shined brightly upon the night dew.All the living life around are receiving the energy of the morning sun.All the world is receiving the blessings of the sunrise.I feel each of my cells in my whole body awaken one by one.A comfortable wind slips through my body.
And, the wind whispers to me.

"You are a precious person."I answer the wind in full confidence.
"YES, I am a precious person!!"

When I turned to look back, I could see the path I took in the distance, so faraway.
And, there, upon the path, was the rainbow; so big and so missed.

I was able to regain the true meaning of what colors really mean.

The rainbow came back.

And, as I did, too.

<The end>